In brief...

Our team has been helping consumer goods and services companies create successful new products for over 50 years. We use a special set of R&D tools called Linescale®

Linescale® is an easier, faster and richer Likert scale.

Result — direct comparison against favorites, clearer discrimination, more significant differences, rank order and paired comparisons against many alternatives

(This is a Linescale...)

Here's an illustration of a Linescale in use during a survey.

This respondent first "benchmarked" the Linescale with his personal minimum requirement for a U. S. President. He is in process of rating some familiar Presidents and Presidential candidates. Now he is being asked to rate the current U. S. President.

This opens the door to enhancements and analytics that increase the value of research. High ratings and consumer applause are nice, but you need to know whether your product will displace competition. Not just whether people like it. Will they "give up what they are doing today" to get your new idea.
Linescale will help you find out what people are doing today, whether within or across traditional product categories or "rolling their own" solutions. Learn whether your idea will replace their favorite. We'll also help you see what your idea needs to change or fix to make more converts.
Let me show you what the Linescale can open up for you. We have decades of experience using, analyzing and reporting Linescale info.

Give Larry a call. We'll help you fit Linescale into what you are doing today.

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