Linescale Privacy Policy

Effective January 1, 2018


Linescale Privacy Policy is privacy by design. Conduct of our business requires absolute anonymity of response. Information is aggregated statistically with no identification with the respondent who provided their opinions.


No Personally Identifiable data is asked for in the course of our interviews.

IP addresses are automatically logged by the hosting webserver. However, linescale does not retain those records nor does it associate those records with information obtained in the course of interviewing.

In the course of business, Commercial Respondent Panel Vendors deliver our live interview URL to potential respondents who are invited by them to participate in our interview/survey. Panel vendors attach a coded Respondent Identification Code to our Interview URL in order that the respondent can be returned to their panel and credited with having completed our interview. At the conclusion of the interview, Linescale returns all Respondent Identification Codes to the Vendor. Third party association of individual respondent data through possible decoding of Respondent Information Code (RID) used in Panel Recruiting of respondents is minimized since Panel Vendor has no connection to interview data. No records of Vendor Respondent Code are retained by Linescale.


We use/drop no cookies in the course of our interviewing. We have no economic or other interest in associating interview data with a specific identified individual. We earnestly desire to protect your privacy.

Product Testing

All Linescale interviewing in all interviews is anonymous with the exception of Product Testing which requires shipping of test product to a physical address. Before possible participation in a product test, respondents are told the necessity for supplying shipping information. This will be clearly announced and positively consented to at the beginning and during the interview; and then strictly to allow shipping of sample product to the respondent for testing.

Privacy Monitor

Linescale Privacy Compliance Monitor is: Daniel Axtell c/o Linescale, Inc.